We have a lot of events going on this summer, so we thought it would be a good idea to summarize everything here.

9 July (Sat)
We will hold a fan event at the Carpe Diem BJJ dojo in Hiroo with UFC fighter Josh Barnett. All Hiroo classes for the day are cancelled, but our Hiroo members can train at the Aoyama or Mita dojos for free instead.

16 July (Sat)
We will hold a technique seminar with Akira Hosokawa, “Toreador guard pass” from 1400 to 1600 at the Hiroo dojo.

17 July (Sun)
Custom mouthguard orders taken, round 1

24 July (Sun)
17th All Japan Brazilian JIU-JITSU Championship

Our entire staff will be competing. Please come out and show your support! All classes will be cancelled, but the Hiroo dojo will be available for open mat training from 1030 to 1230. Members from our other dojos can train at Hiroo free of charge.
http://www.jbjjf.com/upcoming-events/all_ch17/ (Japanese only)

29 July (Fri)
Open mat time at the Hiroo dojo from 2030 to 2200 will be available to Carpe Diem BJJ members only. Normally this time slot is used for the monthly technique class, but as there are five Fridays in July the fifth will be open. Members from our other dojos can train at Hiroo free of charge.

7 August (Sun)
Custom mouthguard orders taken, round 2

8 August (Mon) to 11 August (Thu)
Summer holiday
All dojos will be closed during this period. All staff members will be vacationing on Amami island, which is technically in Kagoshima prefecture.

15 August (Mon) to 17 August (Wed)
Obon holiday schedule
All dojos will operate according to the holiday schedule (link here) during the Obon holiday.

27 August (Sat)
Belt promotions and Gianni Grippo technique seminar, "X-Guard Transitions"

1100-1330: Seminar

1400-1500: Belt promotions

1500-1630: Open mat (one only)