We recommend everyone have a mouthguard made. Cracking a tooth in practice is a rare thing, but cutting a lip and suffering every time you try to eat isn’t. These mouthguards are thin, fit perfectly, and you won’t even notice you’re using one as you train. Our staff uses these mouthguards all the time, and with your name on it you won’t have to worry about losing it. Consider it essential gear.

The order forms for these mouthguards are only at the Aoyama dojo, but members at all our other dojos are more than welcome. Interested parties should let Ishikawa-sensei or Koya Okazaki know.

From the company:

Custom-made mouthguards

A custom-made mouthguard is highly effective for both preventing sports injuries and improving performance.

Who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to have a personalized mouthguard made?

An expert dentist makes these mouthguards to fit the user precisely, which is what makes them so trustworthy.

Normally these mouthguards can only be made after visiting our facility. We encourage you to take this opportunity and arrange to have one made for you at the Aoyama dojo.

Location: Carpe Diem Aoyama dojo

Molding: 17 July (Sun) 1200-1600, reservations prioritized
Delivery: 7 August (Sun) 1200-1600, reservations prioritized
Note: In principle users must visit the Aoyama dojo both days.

Fee: ¥10,000-15,000 plus tax
Note: Over 50 colors available. Price varies according to model, color, logo imprint, etc.

Please apply as available at the Aoyama dojo. Reservations will be honored first with walk-ins accepted as capacity allows.

Other notices:

The cost of oral inspection prior to mouthguard molding is included in the fee noted above for this event. However, mouthguard production may be declined despite prior reservation should an issue that would negatively impact the production of a mouthguard is discovered during the inspection. In this case all fees will be waived.

Attendance at the Aoyama dojo is required on two occasions, once for molding and once for adjustment and receipt (training optional). In the event a recipient cannot attend the Aoyama dojo to receive the mouthguard, the recipient must go directly to the Minami Aoyama Hayashi Dental Clinic instead (Mon/Tue/Thu 1000-1900, reservation required).

Any later necessary mouthguard adjustments must likewise be conducted at the clinic, with any additional fees to be settled at such time.

Mouthguard logo and name imprints are limited to the Carpe Diem BJJ logo and the user’s name (full name, initials, or numbers).

Cash only accepted, due in advance on the day so ordered.


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