From January 2019 we will require all Carpe Diem BJJ members apart from kids class participants to wear rash guards underneath their dogi uniforms. Substituting a regular T-shirt is not permissible.

Women will also be required to wear rash guards. Training with just a sports bra underneath the dogi is not sufficient.

In our no-gi classes, T-shirts will also not be allowed and rash guards will be required. Dogi pants are not permitted; please wear a rash guard and shorts for these classes.

While not yet a strict requirement, we also ask that anyone participating in two or more consecutive classes prepare and use a second, dry dogi or make use of our rental services. No one wants to pair up with someone who is already a sweaty, disgusting mess.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Yuki Ishikawa
Director, Carpe Diem BJJ