We would like to remind everyone that trains at Carpe Diem BJJ to read and understand our dojo etiquette, which is posted all around our dojos, and that during sparring the rules we observe are based on the IBJJF ruleset. Copies of the most recent IBJJF rulebook are available for reference at all of our dojos.

Toe holds and kneebars are permissible only at the brown belt level and up. When sparring with someone at a different level, the standard falls to the lower belt. For example, when a black belt spars with a purple belt, the two techniques mentioned above would not be allowed. Heel hooks are never permissible. Certain techniques are in more of a “gray zone,” where depending on the referee they may or may not be a rules violation. We see no reason for such techniques to be used during our classes, and we expect everyone to apply themselves in learning to control their opponents using techniques that are clearly 100% legal.

Today, we are changing our sparring rules slightly. In our No Gi classes rankings are unknown, so we will apply the IBJJF black belt ruleset to all participants. This means even white belts can use toe holds and kneebars in these classes, for example.

Agreeing with a partner that "heel hooks are ok" and sparring on that basis during class is absolutely prohibited. We encourage participants that want to spar using their own unique rules to do so after class instead.

Following the rules is extremely important. “I didn’t know” is no excuse. These techniques can sometimes cause serious injuries and lead to lasting disabilities. Members that continue to break the rules after multiple warnings from our instructors will be asked to leave Carpe Diem BJJ.

Yuki Ishikawa
Director, Carpe Diem BJJ