Thirteenth monthly technique class
Instructor: Koya Okazaki
Technique: Passing half-guard

Interview content:
1.) Number of classes taken
2.) Motivation
3.) Impression
4.) Capacity to use the technique covered
5.) Expectations of the next class (spider guard with Rida Haisam)

Ryutaro Hatano

1. Four.
2. To learn more passing variations and how to use the half guard.
3. I was surprised to learn passing the half-guard has a lot of technical aspects I’d never seen or thought of before.
4. I’ve got it straight in my head, so I will train to be able to use the techniques we covered.
5. I don’t leverage my legs very well so I’m interested.

Kimikazu Kanemitsu

1. Three.
2. I wanted to learn more about passing the half-guard.
3. From the basics to the advanced aspects, I learned a lot. Koya’s instruction is easy to understand.
4. I haven’t been able to use what we’ve learned yet but I will until I get it.
5. I want to attend.

Yasuyuki Nishi

1. Four.
2. I always end up in half-guard somehow.
3. There was a lot to the techniques I didn’t know and thought the classes were greater.
4. I’m gradually learning how to use what we covered.
5. I want to attend.

Keito Oyanagi

1. Four.
2. I’m not especially good at handling the half-guard.
3. I was surprised to see so much technique I didn’t know.
4. I will train what we learned.
5. I’m in!