Eleventh monthly technique class
Instructor: Masahiro Iwasaki
Technique: Open guard passing

Interview content:
1.) Number of classes taken
2.) Motivation
3.) Impression
4.) Capacity to use the technique covered
5.) Expectations of the next class (passing open guard with Masahiro Iwasaki)

Interview responses:

Miquel Abe
1. Four.
2. I am not especially good with the spider guard.
3. It was marvelous.
4. I am now getting reversed less.
5. I would like to attend after consulting my family.

Iwao Tokura
1. Four.
2. I have to deal with open guard players often.
3. I thought it was great, including the insight into Iwasaki-san’s thinking.
4. I will keep at it until I can use it.
5. Perhaps. It seems challenging.

Marie Miwa
1. Four.
2. I wanted to attend Iwasaki-san’s class.
3. The logical thought put into the instruction was very valuable.
4. I want to keep practicing until I can use the technique.
5. I have short legs so I’m not sure if I can use it, but I want to try.

Kazuhiko Tamura
1. Four.
2. I’m not especially good at guard passing.
3. I thought it was great.
4. I can’t use it yet, but I will.
5. I’m in, looking forward to it!