The Saturday Competition class at Mita consistently has low attendance, so we have decided to change up the schedule. The Adults Competition class will be replaced by a Kids Competition class, starting from December. There will be no additional fees. Only Carpe Diem members will be able to participate with the permission of the instructors at each of our dojos. The class will not be open to away training (degeiko).

Kids Competition class
Location: Carpe Diem BJJ Mita dojo
Time: Saturdays from 1530 to 1630
Instruction: Masahiro Iwasaki will be the main instructor, assisted by the Carpe Diem BJJ staff

This class is designed for children looking to perform well in tournaments and the training will be more focused on that aim. Members looking to participate will need to demonstrate the capacity to execute basic movements like shrimping, follow instruction, understand how certain techniques can be dangerous, and maintain self-control in order to avoid injury. While it may sound harsh, permission to participate in the class can be revoked at any time based on student attitudes during training.

This should not be interpreted as a recommendation for all kids to compete in tournaments. Whether an adult or a child, participating in a tournament is up to the individual. Many of our kids are completely disinterested in competing and we have no intention of taking away their place at Carpe Diem BJJ. Our aim as a dojo is for everyone to enjoy jiu-jitsu, whether they compete or not.